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Cardinals Athletics

Keene Middle School


Cardinals Athletics

Keene Middle School

Cardinals Athletics

Keene Middle School

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1 year ago @ 1:51PM

KMS Athletics Afterschool Procedures






Students who have the later practice slots such as 5:00 or 6:00 are allowed to attend homework club or the think tank, but they must head home after their homework club because there is no adult supervision after 3:30. 

If an athlete has the 4:00 practice slot they are allowed to head to homework club and then head to the cafeteria and wait until they are dismissed to head out to the fields/gym.


    Away Games


Students will be dismissed ten minutes before their bus leaves on game day. To view the bus departure time go to and click on the info button on the selected away game.

 Coaches will also remind athletes of the bus departure time. There will be no announcements made for dismissal of athletics. It is the athletes responsibility to check in with their teacher on their respective away game dismissal. 


Arrival back from away games: Students will either borrow a teammates or the coach's phone and call to let parents/guardians aware of their ETA. Typically we have athletes call when they are a half hour away from the school. 


Home Games


On home games all athletes must head to the cafeteria. Our afterschool staff who are in charge of the bus room are informed by Mr. Fazio of the appropriate dismissal time out to the fields. Coaches are also allowed to pick athletes up from the bus room and bring them out to the fields/ gym before the dismissal time if need be. 


If you have any other questions feel free to reach out




Eric Fazio 

KMS Athletic Director

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